Help yourself to some Pistachio Crack or Cashew Chronic.
Whatever gets you there.

Davis’ Famous was started in 2007, by Dave Miss aka Davis. No one ever gets the first name / last name combination so “Davis”. Coming from two decades in New Orleans kitchens & helping small businesses open, “Davis“ came to Brooklyn with the idea that people love good food.  Pistachio Crack ™ was a counter item for a café that he was doing the baked goods and bulk food items for. People started getting very upset… Very upset… When it wasn’t on the counter. So instead of being cordial, the name Pistachio Crack was born.

It has been written up in the New York Times, New York magazine, Time Out and a host of online publications. It was even named the second “crack-iest” treat in NYC in 2012.

The other products available are, Cashew Chronic™, a cashew, chamomile and orange-zested toffee; Davis’ Chews, A bacon, blueberry and bourbon caramel. Plus loads of delicious new candies.



Find our more about Davis' Famous, chef Dave Miss, and the creation of crack. 
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